Your electric bike battery is the most expensive piece of your bike. It is a sophisticated piece of technology and you must look after it. 

While modern battery technology is improving function and performance at an impressive rate you will get longer life and better performance from your battery if you take a few simple steps to maintain it in peak condition for as long as possible.

After some years and extensive use the battery’s chemistry will deteriorate to the point where you will notice significantly reduced range and performance. To ensure this does not happen before its time take a few simple measures.

1. Charge the battery up after every use no matter how small

2. Never leave the battery for extended periods without charge

3. At least once every three months use the battery to drain it significantly. Take a ride for 25-30 miles / or 45 miles if you have the 15ah battery. Think of this as stretching the batteries legs, as well as your own. DONT FORGET TO CHARGE IT BACK UP AGAIN. If you leave the battery idle for extended periods it will deteriorate. If you have not used it for 6 months and then suddenly use it again you maybe in for a nasty surprise.

Do not try and cheat this by plugging in an unused battery once every three months. It does not work.

Good battery care is important. If you do not apply these simple rules it will invalidate you warranty. We can tell!!!!