Electric Bikes – Not All Electric Bikes are created equal

How fast does a Pedego electric bike go?
Motor assisted speed up to 15.5mph / 25kph, the legal limit for electric bicycles in Europe. You can pedal faster.

How far does it go?
Depending on the model you choose, Pedegos can travel 25-45 miles on a single charge.

Is the motor loud?
Not at all, it is very quiet. In fact, most people you pass will never realize that it is electric!

Do I have to pedal to assist the motor?
All our bikes come with a throttle to activate the motor as well as a pedal assist mode. For Pedego Electric Bikes sold on the Continent this throttle is restricted to 6kph and is used for standing starts. In the UK the throttle is released to the full speed of 15.5mph / 25kph.

How do i charge the battery?
Your Pedego Electric bike comes with a smart charger which looks and operates much like a charger for a laptop. Simply plug the charger into the battery and then into the mains at your home or office.

Will Pedego provide me with the right plug to charge the battery?
Yes… Whichever country you are from we have the right plug for you.

How long does the battery take to re-charge?
From empty the battery will take 4-5 hours to fully recharge. 80% of the charge will take 2hours.

Can I choose the colour of my bike?
Yes! Customize your ride online according to your personal style. We have seen all sorts of colour combinations!

Do I need a special registration or license? 

There are no special licence requirements. Electric bicycles enjoy almost all of the freedoms of use that come with a regular bicycle.

How old do I have to be to ride?

There is one major stipulation of differential note and that is the age limit of 14 years before being allowed to ride an electric bicycle on the roads.

Do I need to wear a helmet? 

We highly recommend wearing a helmet for your safety regardless of the laws in your jurisdiction. Helmet rules vary from place to place. Some, but not all countries require helmets.