Pedego Electric Bike Prices

Price comparison with the US

The dollar prices in the US appear to be a lot cheaper than the prices in Europe. There are a number of reasons for this.

The prices on the Pedego USA site are displayed without VAT. That is the norm in the US. In Europe prices are displayed including VAT.

VAT in the US or « Sales Tax’ as they call it, is only 8.5%. In Europe, with the exception of Switzerland, with a similar rate, VAT rates range from 19% in Germany to 25% in Sweden.

I’m afraid the powers that be in Europe are making the bicycles more expensive not us. Hope this clears things up for you if you were wondering why there is a difference.

Your Pedego in Europe also comes with many valuable features as standard that are not available with the bikes in the US, namely mudguards, lights, front and rear disc brakes, 7 gears not 6. Your European or UK Pedego packs a lot more in for your money……