The Pedego City Commuter Series is a traditional bike design packed with performance, quality and charisma. We offer three different product lines the Classic City Commuter, Step-thru City Commuter and the Mini Step-thru City Commuter. The Mini Step-thru Commuter has 26″ wheels as opposed to 28″ wheels, accommodating riders 5’6″ or less.

Unique to the City Commuter is a quick release handlebar stem that allows you to easily make adjustments for the perfect fit. Traditional city style handlebars feel natural and familiar. Super comfort saddle with suspension seat post comes as standard. The tyres are thinner than the Comfort Cruiser Series making for more efficient road riding and a longer battery range.

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Colourscommuter colours

The frame colour choices of the City Commuter Series vary slightly between each model. The Classic City Commuter is available in black or steel blue. The Step-thru City Commuter in black or white and the Mini Step-thru City Commuter in Black only.

The balloon package upgrade available on the Comfort Cruiser Series is a standard feature on all the commuters. The tyre colour options are black or brown.

Take a close look at all the options available on the product pages.

City Commuter Close Up & Key FeaturesCommuter intro pic

The City Commuter Series employs quality components from top to bottom. Our motors are Japanese manufactured geared rear wheel hub motors. Exceptional quality and power for outstanding hill climbing capabilities. We use Samsung battery cells, SRAM Avid BB7 disc brakes and Simano gearing. For more details on the components and specifications, visit each specific bike page. Classic City CommuterStep-thru City Commuter & Mini Step-thru City Commuter.

For details on our industry leading warranty please visit here.

Battery optionselectric bike batteries

The City Commuter Series is available in 4 battery options. 36 volts 10 amp hours, 36 volts 15 amp hours, 48 volts 10 amp hours and 48 volts 14.5 amp hours. The different batteries are suited to different riders, terrains and of course your budget. Generally the higher the voltage and amp hours the more expensive the battery is.

The battery is by far and away the most expensive component on the bike. In essence, it is the heart and sole of an electric bike. Therefore it’s important to have a high quality battery. While that is guaranteed with us you still have to pick the type suited to you.

Our batteries are lithium ion Samsung manufactured cells. They employ high quality battery management systems for quality assurance and safety. They are all easily removable from the bike and lock in automatically for security.

To learn more about our battery technology and the different battery options available visit this page here.


The City Commuter Series varies in price according to battery specifications. Visit the pricing page here for more details.

£1650 – £2150 / €2100 – €2830